High School Mentor Opportunity

We will not be hosting a High School Mentor service term in 2020. Stay tuned for updates!

This opportunity is open to high school sophomore, juniors, and seniors currently attending classes in the Wayne county area. High School Mentors work as mentors to middle school students. As an HSM you are matched with middle school students throughout the school year and summer programs. 

You will be challenged to hone leadership, teamwork, communication, professional development skills. HSMs will gather once a month to participate in workshops specifically designed to develop the skills needed to be successful as HSM and in life. Some of the workshop listings will include:


  • Financial literacy

  • Relationship building 

  • Servant Leadership

  • Ethics and personal values

  • Intrapersonal skills development

HSMs are the backbone of our mentorship program.  HSMs work alongside program staff to provide impactful mentorship experiences to our middle school students. HSMs participate in 1-on-1 and group mentorship sessions, offer homework help, participating in service-learning projects, clubs, and are involved with other day-to-day program activities. This opportunity is designed to positively impact both middle school and high school students. This is a paid opportunity!

Student application materials for 2021will be available soon!

For further questions, email highschoolmentor@forwardyouth.org